Meet the Team

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Hi There!

I'm a husband and proud father of 3 boys. I've been a developer and entrepreneur for over 10 years. Previously I founded and sold 2 startups (Everbadge and SDKtraffic). More recently, I began consulting for startups on how to create a Growth team and follow a Growth process. ViralLovin is my second published Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sam Morris
Founder, Developer
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Hello All!

I love to code! I am one of the Developers behind KingLovin, a crypto game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Let's connect :)

Keyur Patel
Advisor, Full Stack Developer

Currently, the team consists of two developers. We created the Dapp UI KingLovin that uses a ERC721 compliant smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

What we've realized is that with a ERC721 non-fungible token, we can now pay content makers with an entirely new monetization model. A creator's original content, can be made into a Blockchain Collectible, that fans and collectors can pay to own as well as potentially be bought out from. The creator can designate the fee they will earn on each new owner takeover.

The company behind ViralLovin is structured as an LLC, Schematik LLC, and registered in the state of Washington, U.S. as a limited liability corporation. You can search the Washington Secretary of State site here: They don't have a good way of linking directly to our filing, but if you search for "Schematik" it will show up!